Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I read something someone wrote this morning, and it has stuck with me…they were musing on whether their life was all that there is, or if more can be expected…as a child of God, is it right to want more, or to just be content with what is. But the poser was the comment that, after all, Jesus never promised anything.
Just a musing, something someone was thinking about, something I happened to stumble upon on the right day at the right moment to get the gears in my head working. It may not be right to expect or demand more than what has already been bestowed- but I know that Jesus has promised things to me. He has promised that He will give peace, and that abundantly. He has promised that His yoke will be easy & His burden will be light. He has promised to be with me always. Snippets from very familiar Bible passages, often glossed over in their extreme familiarity & over-marketed clichéness. But just stop for a moment and consider these all-to-familiar verses…or are they?
He has promised PEACE. Peace like a spring day with daffodils, peace like a hug from a loved one, peace like the sighing of Bronn Journey’s harp, peace like the moment when the autumn sun dies into the earth in golden hallowedness. He has promised me peace.
He has promised lift the weight of those things that are too hard for me to bear, strength when the journey seems to long endure, help when the burden is too heavy, HELP when I can no longer see my way through the storm or the fog or when the trail withers and fades away and I find myself alone in a wilderness. He has promised to ease my burden. He has promised help.
And he has promised to be WITH ME always! To be with me when I am happy, to be with me when I am sad. He will be there when I have spent the last of my strength and can go no more, He will whisper in my ear when I don’t know what to say. He will be beside me when the voices of the angels of heaven are shouting for joy over me, just as surely as He will be right by my side when the dark forces of the hosts of hell rise up to defeat me. He will be with me always.
He is Emmanuel- God with me. He is El Shaddai- my God is enough.
He has promised.

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